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Auction Booking

Complete the list to be eligible for an auction booking

PLEASE NOTE: RECA charges an upfront $995.00 retainer fee to the listing agent. This fee is to be paid upon the contract being signed. The $995.00 retainer fee is paid back to the listing agent at the successful close of each transaction. Should the property not close successfully or the listing is cancelled RECA retains the $995.00 fee. This is not an additional fee, when the property sells,  and we receive our fee the retainer fee of $995.00 is refunded back. We thank you for your cooperation and we appreciate your business! 🚨Please Note🚨.... you are more than welcome to pass the fee onto the seller/s however, please be careful/conscious that we don't want the retainer fee to be the deciding factor for selecting to sell via Auction or not.
I am aware of the $995.00 Retainer Fee
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